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Aug 10 Workshop: Handling Conflict with Jeff Burkhart

As part of our “Second Saturday” monthly workshop series, we’re thrilled to have Jeff Burkhart, local celebrity author and Aikido veteran, give a workshop on how to approach conflict with skill and awareness. Join us for 30 minutes of Jeff’s wit and wisdom. Saturday Aug 10, 11:30 to Noon.


Conflict and Aikido: a fundamentally different way to look at martial arts.

You can’t control others; all you can really do is control your reaction to them. That’s the essence of Aikido. Most martial arts teach you how to win a fight. But nobody ever wins a fight. There’s always the aftermath: litigation, legalities, injury, etc.

Local author and Barfly columnist Jeff Burkhart will give his take on resolving conflict based upon his experiences as a long-time bartender/bouncer in Marin County.

Burkhart holds a third degree blackbelt in Aikido and is both an award-winning journalist and an award-winning bartender. His newest book: Twenty Years Behind Bars Volume II: Parole Denied just debuted on the Amazon book charts at #88.